Passwork affiliate program

Passwork is a password manager for business (B2B). We have been operating since 2014, and we are trusted by users from over 80 different countries. Use your promotion channels and earn up to 40% commission on self hosted solutions or cloud subscriptions.

Partner account
Referral code and discount

Advantages of the affiliate program

You get to manage
your customer's discount.
Create and set discounts to attract new customers.
Ready-to-Use promotional materials
Professional quality descriptions, presentations, and banners to promote.
Convenient control panel
Manage referral codes, analytics and quickly withdraw your money
Multi-language support
Promote Passwork in any country and in any language
Technical support
We’ll take all of the technical questions, so you can focus on selling.
Sell cloud and self hosted editions
You decide what to sell and how much you want to earn.

How it works

Become a partner
Fill out the form
and register as a partner
Engage customers
Use professional quality promotional materials and your promotion channels
Make money
Get up to a 40% commission with every purchase from your referral

Who can be a partner?

Franchisee / Representative
Open a new business under Passwork franchise model.
We provide all necessary information
and training materials
on sales organization -
from the cold call script to closing the deal.
B2B Company / Software Seller
Offer Passwork to your customers and business partners and get additional passive income. Send out emails, place a banner on your site or arrange a Passwork presentation. Sell even more with the help of our discount system.
Blogger / Influencer
Tell your audience about Passwork and provide coupons for a discount, place referral links in blogs or social networks and take your commission.

About Passwork

Passwork simplifies corporate password systems.
All data is safely stored on your server, and employees can quickly find the right passwords.
The administrator manages user rights, keeps track of all actions and changes.

Reliable password storage
Collaboration with teammates
User management

Key features

Safely store passwords
  • Store passwords in a structured way
  • Global search, tags, and color labels for fast access
  • Easy import and export
Work and collaborate
  • Invite teammates to vaults and folders
  • Log on to web sites in one click
  • Multiple ways to collaborate with teammates
Manage your company's passwords
  • Set custom permissions for vaults and folders
  • Track all activities and switch back to old password versions if necessary
  • Easily change unsecured, old, weak and other compromised passwords
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How to become a partner?
Leave us some information about your company. We will contact you if you are accepted and you will become an official partner of Passwork.
How to receive my earnings?
You leave a request for withdrawal of funds in your personal account. We transfer money within 10 working days.
How much can we earn from selling Passwork?
20% commissions from the sales of self hosted version or cloud subscriptions. 35% — after 20 sales of the self hosted version or 200 subscriptions, and 40% — after 40 sales of the self hosted or 400 subscriptions.
Do you have recommendations on selling methods?
You can use your own methods, or purchase Passwork’s official sales methods with basic scripts, tactics and presentations.
Earn with Passwrok

Earn up to 40% Commission with Passwork’s affiliate program

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